What's going on?
Hopefully everyone is glad to have the new mail boxes.  The dues paid each year were put to good use.

New board & ACC members were elected.

Board meetings - Meetings are normally held every 3 months
The next regular board meeting will be held 7:00p.m. Tuesday July 18, 2006 at the Marysville Public

Rules and Regulation
Everyone should have received a copy of the regulations when they closed on their house.  If you
can't find them check out the copy here.

Don't touch the plants and trees in the green belt areas.  See page 15 of the Marysville Messenger.

The following volunteers are the officers for April 2006 to April 2007.
Welcome to Sunset Ridge

President - Tom Reed
Vice President - Marty Weinbaum
Secretary - Ken Adams
Treasurer - Stephen West
Sunset Ridge HOA
ACC Committee

Marty Weinbaum
Tom Reed
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